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The distinction between Computers and Humans is not as striking as one would initially assume it is. We conventionally say that a computer is a “dumb” aggregate of semiconductor devices that can’t think on its own, and we’re right in saying so. The common general purpose computer does have to be programmed before we can expect anything out of it — it needs to be told what it’s tasks are, what it’s constraints are, what it will get from us in the form of an input, and what it needs to compute as the output. At a very high level…

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Ever so often, I’m overwhelmed by a strong desire to pick up a new skill. Maybe it’s a post I’ve seen on Instagram, or something new a friend is learning, or something I watched a video or two about on YouTube. Regardless of the vector, this highly contagious urge I get every now and then makes me want to learn.

That is how I got into Videography way back in 2013, sometime in 8th grade. I heard from a friend about a short-film competition on Cyber-Crime. I had recently got a point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix digital camera for my birthday back…

Jaskaran Singh Bhatia

Designer, Developer, CS Undergrad @BITS Goa

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